Georgia & Her Team

British born Georgia Louise has been rated as one of the world’s most sought after Facialists. Established since 2006 in London, Georgia Louise set up her famously acclaimed Atelier on Manhattan's Upper East Side, offering high end non-invasive facials, rated as the best facials in NYC.  Since her arrival in New York City in 2010. Georgia's client base has exploded and her reputation as the foremost skincare expert is whispering across the globe. Her facial treatments are designed to naturally and instantly lift cheekbones and brows, depuff and brighten the face and soften fine lines and wrinkles without the need of botox or fillers. It's no wonder that Georgia Louise has supermodels, celebrities,  photographers and editors flocking. Her technique and touch were perfected over 20 years of pure hands-on passion. With an impressive selection of non-invasive machines, professional products and a pair of gifted, healing hands, her meticulous attention to every pore and square millimeter of skin makes her facials unforgettable.

Georgia Louise created the Lift and Sculpt method, which has been passed on to her Elite team members who perform all of her Facials  at the Atelier. Not only can you come and relax and have your skin attended to, you can now shop professional skincare from a trusted source on our members shop, items that only Georgia herself swears by. Keep your skin happy, by using the right products. Need extra help? Why not come by or call for a free consultation with our team to make sure you are using the very best for your skin.


Our Facials

 Starting with a deep tissue and muscle massage, the method  will whip, lift, cup and pull the muscles and skin so tight and fast, you will feel seriously reawakened and lifted by an inch. The facials includes a blast of mirco-current to ensure her sculpted faces last for weeks and, even better, her Lift and Sculpt butterfly tool used in this treatment is available to purchase for home use. 

Referred to as the 'Face Scientist', Georgia’s philosophy is to treat each client individually from the inside out by simplifying and perfecting the client’s skincare regimen in the salon and at home. Georgia Louise facials are customised for each clients’ skincare needs in the moment using pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques, advanced peels and massage. Georgia and her team are responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful faces. The New York Times T Magazine described Georgia as 'Cosmic Facialist' and American Vogue 'BFF' (Best Friends Facialist). 

Georgia received her professional training in France, Switzerland and the UK. She acquired the finest treatment techniques working with world-renowned dermatologists and alternative western practitioners. Georgia has trained estheticians in her method at Canyon Ranch and Mandarin Oriental spas and was previously the beauty expert for L’OREAL. Georgia set up her flagship clinic in Knightsbridge London in 2008 and moved to New York City in 2010. Her Atelier on the Upper East Side is where she currently practices and treats some of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet. Georgia believes there is a tool and remedy for everyone.


The Atelier

Georgia’s vision for the Atelier was to create a space that complimented her legendary high profile and provide a chic environment for her discerning clients. An atmosphere of exclusive, personal tranquility is created in part by Georgia's insistence on a one 'client at a time' service, allowing her A-list following to relax without being spotted.

Attention to detail and quality means everything to Georgia Louise – every Cire Trudon candle lit, every organic handmade herbal tea served, compliments and enhances the Georgia Louise experience.

Since opening her new location, Georgia has set new standards among the esthetician elite. Located within an elegant brownstone, the Atelier situated on the ground floor, boosts high ceilings and windows throughout. A reflection of Georgia’s personality and style, with three large treatment suites, a welcoming reception, and the most up to date technology in non-invasive skincare.

Hands down there is nobody that comes even close to Georgia’s facial...She’s very special and works her socks off, she has such resilience and passion – very inspiring clever girl! I love her and would trust her with anything!

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Taylor Worden grew up in Tucson, Arizona, moving to New York in 2006. Having a passion for beauty that stemmed from her own skin care challenges as a teenager, she brings her own personal experience to every treatment she performs.  Taylor graduated form Pace University in May 2011 with a major in communications. Wanting to follow her dreams and work in an area she was truly passionate about, Taylor began her skincare studies at Dermalogica Academy. Soon after graduating she had the privilege of meeting Georgia and was taken under Georgia’s wing and guided in skincare. Taylor has expanded her treatment education and experience from Georgia’s extensive European skin care knowledge, and has been working with her at  the Atelier over the last four years.  






Ulyana grew up in Siberia, Russia and moved to the states in 2008 to help her step-mother, Tanya, open her first salon. This incredible opportunity sparked her existing interest in skincare, and she proudly earned her Esthetician license a year later. In her culture, Ulyana says she was accustomed to choosing a quality eye cream over a pair of new shoes and would apply weekly home-made masks made of fresh strawberries, honey, and sometimes sour cream! Ulyana's mission is to dedicate her time to helping clients improve their complexion, and work on their daily skin care routines (so that stress, sugar, and the sleepless nights we all run into, won't show!) She believes that the first sign of health is shown by your skin, and she is looking forward to using her years of experience to perform customized treatments, select quality products, and advise skin care routines that will give lasting results to her clients. 

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Sarah moved to New York from Boca Raton, Florida, where she was lead facialist at the John Barrett salon in Palm Beach, and previously worked at Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare. She has 12 years' experience as an esthetician. Originally from England, she developed her skills as a facialist in London, and studied aromatherapy under the tutelage of world-renowned French aromatherapy expert Micheline Arcier. Before moving across the pond, Sarah was a registered nurse in the U.K., specializing in dermatology. She has featured as a skincare expert in the Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph newspapers in London. She has a lifelong passion for skincare and enjoys treating specific beauty issues, from anti-aging to helping heal acne-prone skin. She is noted for her meticulous attention to detail, knowledge about products, and her technical abilities. Sarah loves meeting new people, building relationships and providing clients with customized skincare programs to best suit their needs. 





Originally from Atlanta, Shannon attended the University of Georgia in Athens, where she earned Bachelor’s degrees in French language and business administration with a concentration in finance. While in school, her interest in skincare deepened as she battled her own acne concerns. Through researching ingredients and treatment programs, Shannon developed an expertise in acne and deep understanding of how skin issues affect self-confidence. After several years working office jobs, her passion for skincare and beauty eventually drew her to turn her hobby into a career. She attended the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and obtained her license in 2006. She then went on to move to New York City, where she spent ten years at Exhale Spa as the lead esthetician and skincare trainer. Shannon loves helping people take better care of themselves through skincare and facials, and helping her clients find confidence in their appearance by teaching them how to achieve their desired results.

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Donna earned her bachelor’s degree in Pathobiology with a minor in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Connecticut. After graduating, she pursued her interest in holistic health and wellness at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds an acupuncture license in both New York and Connecticut.  Special interests of hers are women’s health and facial acupuncture, where she strongly believes external beauty is a true reflection of internal health.  

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I woooooorship Georgia – her lotions and potions, state-of-the-art technology, and brilliant maneuvers make for glowy skin every facial. She is Father Time and shaves years and massages sleepless nights away.