MET Gala Monday!


In honor of one of my favorite days of the year, I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I do for my clients in preparation for the red carpet, and what you can do at home to achieve the same GLO!

Get your Pre-MET GLO on

1. The first step to getting a Met Gala GLO is to double cleanse! I always start with my Balm to deeply cleanse and remove makeup off of the face. It is definitely one of my most coveted products. Then, follow it up with the Lait VIP O2 cleanser by Biologique Recherche. This is an “anti-pollution” cleanser to remove impurities, calm the skin and really brighten the complexion. 

2.Next up, time to tone. It is so important to keep your skin’s pH balanced as this helps keep moisture in and toxins out. My pH perfecting tonic is formulated to clarify, exfoliate, regulate and soften the skin. It is one of my personal favorite products that I use myself day and night! 

karlie k.png

3. To really pump up the dewy glo factor, next we use an intense professional Vitamin C-peel by Environ for brightening and plumping. While brushing the peel on to the skin you will feel tingly as it is infused with sonic technology - it’s like an IV drip for the face, all the while having red and blue LED lights

4. For lifting and sculpting the face, I perform my signature Lift + Sculpt massage and finish by using my Butterfly Stone for some gua sha to relieve muscle tension in the face. This tool works deep to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, completely contouring the face. It is also excellent for flushing out puffiness and toxins. An absolute must on a big day or event like the MET!! 


5. Next up, for a “natural face lift” we utilize a Nyo Current - micro current and LED light. It also helps to increase blood flow, build up collagen and increase elastin production. For home use, you can trust your Nu-Face device to do the trick. It’s like taking your face to the gym to work those muscles!

6. Now for the geeky stuff you’d only see at Georgia Louise. Imagine a cool whip textured mask coupled with a space helmet full of pure Oxygen. It sounds crazy, and it looks crazier! For the Met Gala GLO we layered the oxygenating whip mask with galvanic current and a super hydrating mask.

7. I always use galvanic in my facials, and lucky for you, I created the Pulse+GLO so you can experience a GL facial at home! The Pulse+GLO aids in anti-aging, blemish control, blood circulation, fine lines, wrinkles and pore size! - Use along with one of my three masks, Aqua, Green and Honey to calm and soothe as well as hydrate dry and dull skin. 

 8. To seal all of the goodness we’ve applied, I sweep on my Sleeping Beauty Oil, infused with botanical antioxidants and vitamins. At home, apply 4 drops, massaging in an upward motion.

9. Finally, I finish off with The Concentrate by La Mer. Seriously my hero product – the texture and lavender aroma are so calming, leaving the skin with a perfectly smooth foundation for Met make-up!
Voila beauty!! You are ready to walk the red carpet xx