Environ Gold Roll CIT

Environ Gold Roll CIT


Environ’s Gold Roll-CIT® is an elegant 14ct gold plated rolling device with 260 ultra-fine needles of the highest grade surgical 316 stainless steel. The needles are 0.2 mm in length. The Gold Roll-CIT® has the advantage of being easy to clean and gold naturally suppresses bacterial growth.

Works in synergy with topically applied Environ skin care products to help enhance the overall look and feel of the skin.

Recommended for | All Skin Types. Please note this product should be avoided by those with severe solar keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, raised moles, warts, skin cancer and problematic skin conditions.

* ENVIRON is a consultation only product line due to the very high levels of active ingredients. Please email us at bookings@georgialouise.com, or call us directly at (212) 472-1400 for advice to order your products.

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How to use: 

• Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ skin care products. Divide the selected target area into sections and roll each section vertically, obliquely and horizontally with the Gold Roll-CIT® for three to five minutes. Use mild but firm pressure. Follow with your recommended Environ skin care products. Start by rolling twice a week and slowly increase to daily use.

• Rinse the Gold Roll-CIT® with warm water before and after use and cleanse thoroughly once a week.

• The instrument is designed to be used by one person only and must be kept away from children at all times.

• Handle with care and do not drop to avoid damaging the needles.