Medik8 CE - Thione

Medik8 CE - Thione


Potent Vitamin C is clinically proven to have anti-ageing benefits. CE-Thione helps protect the skin against free radicals (the main cause of photo-ageing), while minimising the formation of dark spots for a visibly brighter skin tone and an improved texture and firmness. 

Unlike any other Vitamin C serum, CE-Thione uses our trademark Rechargeable Vitamin C™ concept to ensure every drop of Vitamin C in the serum is fresh and highly potent, ensuring you get the results that Vitamin C can deliver. The special formula mimics how the body naturally keeps Vitamin C stable in the skin. The Vitamin C is 'recharged' by having two antioxidant 'allies' in solution with it: Vitamin E and L-Glutathione which then regenerate the Vitamin C molecule when it is used up, delivering an incredible potency. 

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15% L-Ascorbic Acid: protects skin against free radicals, the main cause of photo-ageing. It is an essential coenzyme for the synthesis of collagen. It is essential for the transportation of collagen molecules into the dermis. It disrupts melanin synthesis in melanocytes, reducing pigmentation.
● Vitamin E (d-Alpha-tocopherol): is an excellent lipid antioxidant, working synergistically with Vitamin C.
● L-Glutathione: is far better than Vitamin E at recycling Vitamin C. It therefore enhances stability by creating a more comprehensive cycle that is self sufficient and fully regenerative. 

● A highly stable Vitamin C serum
● contains 15% of Vitamin C
● provides antioxidant protection
● helps prevent the skin from premature skin ageing
● mimics the skin’s natural biological system

For those who prefer an oil-free Vitamin C formula
suitable for normal/oily/combination skin types
Apply daily
In the morning after cleansing apply 4 - 5 drops directly to the skin and blend evenly
follow with corrective product then hydrate then sunscreen. (Apply water based products first then oil based then creams) 

For best results CE-Thione should be kept in the fridge.
For best results CE-Thione should be used within 2 months of opening the serum.