Dr. Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops

Dr. Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops


Air pollutants, UV rays and blue light from our computers and phones negatively affect skin health and skin complexion. Ultrafine particles that are constantly released into the air by modern civilization, can damage our protective skin barrier and infiltrate the deepest layers of our skin. These pollutants not only accelerate skin aging and trigger inflammatory skin conditions, but when our skin’s barrier function is impaired the toxins use skin as an inlet into our bodies.


Dr. Sturm’s innovative Anti-Pollution Drops, which can be added to any skincare product, contains a special extract derived from microorganisms found in French Polynesia. It strengthens the skin’s defense against atmospheric aging by effectively blocking urban pollutants from penetrating our protective skin barrier and defeating inflammation and oxidization, and disabling heavy metals. Cocoa seed extract additionally helps the skin to combat signs of digital aging caused by blue light, emitted from computers and mobiles phones.


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Key ingredients:

  • Disodium EDTA: chelating - reacts and forms complexes with metal ions
  • Hyaluronic Acid: provides intensive moisture with instant and long-term visible results
  • Exopolysaccharides (Alteromonas Ferment Extract): shielding anti-pollution ingredient (protects against external environmental aggressors as oxidative stress, urban pollution, toxic chemicals, …)
  • Cocoa seed extract: anti-oxidant against digital aging
  • Purslane extract: rich in antioxidants (radical protection), stimulation of Telomerase, thereby antiaging and protecting the skin against UV-induced environmental influences…etc.
  • Betaine: moisturizing