NEW! Pure Molecule

NEW! Pure Molecule


PRE-SALE: Pure Molecule 32 Nightly will be available for purchase as a pre-sale with 15% off the first order. CHECKOUT CODE 32NIGHTLY (expires 5/12 // ships in 6 weeks)

Renowned for innovative and result-based skin solutions, Georgia Louise has once again revolutionized the skincare industry, this time with a groundbreaking new category, so pure and potent, the only solution was to freeze it! Introducing PURE MOLECULE by Georgia Louise - the world’s latest generation of high-tech skincare in the form of a topical Freeze Dried Tablet. 

The Pure Molecule launches with the 32 Nightly. An intensive protocol designed by Georgia Louise with four potent concentrations formulated to help restore, brighten,and rebuildhealthy glowing skin. The treatment starts with rehydrating the skin on week 1 with Hyaluronic Acid before rebuilding and strengthening with synthetic EGF on week 2. Next, comes Collagento build suppleness and even skin toneon week 3before finishingwith brightening and protecting on week 4 with Pure Vitamin C.  

 Each dose 0.001 oz (1 tablet) of Pure Molecule miraculously has the equivalent weight of up to five bottles of 30 ml, 2% hyaluronic acid serum.

The Pure Molecule 32 Nightly includes:

Week 1 Hyaluronic Acid x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Hydrate, plump and soften the appearance of fine lines 
Week 2 Collagen + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Nourish, firm and tighten
Week 3 EGF + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Heal, strengthen, and rebuild your skin
Week 4 Vitamin C + HA x 1 sheet (8 tablets) Brighten, protect, and fight against free radical damage 

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Each concentration has been formulated with Pure Hyaluronic Acid to ensure superior hydration and permeability within every single treatment application.Designed to be used as a nightly booster treatment, pre-liquid serums, the user applies Pure Molecule by dissolving the freeze dried tablet into a smooth silky serum by mixing with 8 drops of Pure Activator onto the palm oftheirhands before applying.


 The industry-changing manufacturing process of “freeze-drying” the four concentrations (Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, EGF, and Vitamin C) requires extreme temperatures -50°C (-58°F) and takes 24 hours to create. The drying process then takes three days in a separate temperature to create the shape and size of the tablet using microporous natural matrix material. These patented shaped, liquid-free tablets are then vacuumed sealed to preserve freshness. This never-been-done before process allows the user to say goodbye to layering with different types of serums and instead streamline their routine in the form of just one, small, potent, pure freeze-dried tablet per night, unlocking the skin’s full potential with instantly visible results that last. It is, quite frankly, a miracle in a molecule. 


The Pure Molecule is presented in the 32 Nightlykit which includes 32 assorted tablets of all concentrations in vacuumed sealed foils to keep treatments sterile and fresh, plus a 50ml/1.69 fl.oz bottle of Pure Activator. As this is a travel-friendly product, Pure Molecule also comes with a beautiful travel leather faux pouch. 


Georgia Louise Pure Molecule 32 Nightly will be available for purchase starting April 2019 at GeorgiaLouise.comfor $550 and will be on offer for pre-sales with 15% off the first order. 

Nightly Instructions: 

Step 1. Cleanse and tone skin thoroughly.

Step 2. Remove one Pure Molecule tablet from foil pack and place into palm. 

Step 3. Apply 8 drops of Pure Activator directly over the tablet and mix with fingertip until fully dissolved. 

Step 4. Using finger tips, pat into skin then massage face to infuse Pure Molecule until fully absorbed. 

Step 5. Add additional Pure Activator and massage in.

Step 6. Apply your preferred face serum or oil immediately after to prevent the tablet from drying out, which can leave skin to appear flaky, but can be easily rubbed away. It is important to use a serum or oil directly after to seal the Pure Molecule into the skin. 

Step 6. Continue with routine and finish by applying your preferred face cream.


Formulated without: Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance, and Mineral Oil, 

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