Georgia & Her Team

British born Georgia Louise has been rated as one of the world’s most sought after Facialists. Established since 2006 in London, Georgia Louise set up her famously acclaimed Atelier on Manhattan's Upper East Side, offering high end non-invasive facials, rated as the best facials in NYC.  Since her arrival in New York City in 2010. Georgia's client base has exploded and her reputation as the foremost skincare expert is whispering across the globe. Her facial treatments are designed to naturally and instantly lift cheekbones and brows, depuff and brighten the face and soften fine lines and wrinkles without the need of botox or fillers. It's no wonder that Georgia Louise has supermodels, celebrities,  photographers and editors flocking. Her technique and touch were perfected over 20 years of pure hands-on passion. With an impressive selection of non-invasive machines, professional products and a pair of gifted, healing hands, her meticulous attention to every pore and square millimeter of skin makes her facials unforgettable.

Georgia Louise created the Lift and Sculpt method, which has been passed on to her Elite team members who perform all of her Facials  at the Atelier. Not only can you come and relax and have your skin attended to, you can now shop professional skincare from a trusted source on our members shop, items that only Georgia herself swears by. Keep your skin happy, by using the right products. Need extra help? Why not come by or call for a free consultation with our team to make sure you are using the very best for your skin.


Our Facials

 Starting with a deep tissue and muscle massage, the method  will whip, lift, cup and pull the muscles and skin so tight and fast, you will feel seriously reawakened and lifted by an inch. The facials includes a blast of mirco-current to ensure her sculpted faces last for weeks and, even better, her Lift and Sculpt butterfly tool used in this treatment is available to purchase for home use. 

Referred to as the 'Face Scientist', Georgia’s philosophy is to treat each client individually from the inside out by simplifying and perfecting the client’s skincare regimen in the salon and at home. Georgia Louise facials are customised for each clients’ skincare needs in the moment using pioneering technology, anti-aging techniques, advanced peels and massage. Georgia and her team are responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful faces. The New York Times T Magazine described Georgia as 'Cosmic Facialist' and American Vogue 'BFF' (Best Friends Facialist). 

Georgia received her professional training in France, Switzerland and the UK. She acquired the finest treatment techniques working with world-renowned dermatologists and alternative western practitioners. Georgia has trained estheticians in her method at Canyon Ranch and Mandarin Oriental spas and was previously the beauty expert for L’OREAL. Georgia set up her flagship clinic in Knightsbridge London in 2008 and moved to New York City in 2010. Her Atelier on the Upper East Side is where she currently practices and treats some of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet. Georgia believes there is a tool and remedy for everyone.


The Atelier

Georgia’s vision for the Atelier was to create a space that complimented her legendary high profile and provide a chic environment for her discerning clients. An atmosphere of exclusive, personal tranquility is created in part by Georgia's insistence on a one 'client at a time' service, allowing her A-list following to relax without being spotted.

Attention to detail and quality means everything to Georgia Louise – every Cire Trudon candle lit, every organic handmade herbal tea served, compliments and enhances the Georgia Louise experience.

Since opening her new location, Georgia has set new standards among the esthetician elite. Located within an elegant brownstone, the Atelier situated on the ground floor, boosts high ceilings and windows throughout. A reflection of Georgia’s personality and style, with three large treatment suites, a welcoming reception, and the most up to date technology in non-invasive skincare.

Hands down there is nobody that comes even close to Georgia’s facial...She’s very special and works her socks off, she has such resilience and passion – very inspiring clever girl! I love her and would trust her with anything!




1. What is your definition of self-care? 

Self care begins with some level of awareness that care is critical for self.  Only then is one able to seek out help for and/or make true self care happen.  I’m talking about self care as simple as taking a deep breath to as complex as juggling life’s  responsibilities with sleep, nourishment, joy, stress relief and personal enrichment. 

2. What drew you to Georgia Louise? 

GL facials exactly align with my philosophy and approach to treating the skin. It must be holistic and facials must be completely customized every time. Georgia Louise has an incredible product selection and top notch technical modalities to truly make each facial personal. 

3. What is your hero product? 

I am currently loving the results of Environ’s Frown Serum from their Focus line. It has concentrated performance peptides that perk up  laxity in the skin as well as powerful neuropeptides that relax the muscle movements perpetuating our expression lines.  They refer to this product as a “No-Tox Botox” - it’s intended use is for the very areas people get Botox injections. This product can also elongate the effects of Botox and can easily be used in tandem. 

4. Why did you want to work in the skin care and wellness space?

I love a good “before and after” - whatever kind of transformation is happening. I also grew up thinking I might practice medicine. Practicing skincare in this era of wellness is actually a perfect middle ground for me. I absolutely love establishing and growing a relationship with clients that is rooted in the trust that I am going to help them achieve confidence in the skin they’re in.  And I encourage my facial guests to take lots of selfie’s to happily look back on as we work to transform their skin. 

5. What is your favorite hobby (besides skin care of course) ? 

My new permanent hobby is learning how to be the best parent possible. Our family is now three and our 17 month old is our constant source of amazement, joy, challenge and love. Now that she can understand what we’re saying my husband and I do our best to teach her the tonal and rhythmic intricacies of multi instrumental world music as well as the importance of eye contact and a good hug.




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1. What made you interested in skin care?

I have been an esthetician for 15 years, and previously worked as a registered nurse in England where I specialized in dermatology. Having helped people with medical issues I wanted to take things to the next level, so I trained to be a facialist in London and studied essential oils under the tutelage of world-renowned French aromatherapy expert Micheline Arcier. Your face is a reflection of your health and I get a real buzz out of helping people achieve flawless, radiant skin.

2. How did you choose New York City and Georgia Louise? 

I previously worked at Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare and as Lead Esthetician at the John Barrett salon in Palm Beach, Florida. I met Georgia a few years ago when she came to me for a facial. We had an instant connection and when I decided to move to NYC in 2016 there was only one place I wanted to work. The atelier is beautiful. I love Georgia's ethos and her facials are amazing, as is evident from the many happy, loyal clients we have. 

3. What is your approach to facials and as an esthetician overall? 

I believe in providing highly-personalized skincare programs and treatments, focusing on a client's particular needs and listening to their concerns. As an esthetician my style is holistic and I enjoy analyzing an individual's skin and explaining how we are going to achieve the desired results. People who come to Georgia Louise expect the best and I am always totally engaged in ensuring they have an unforgettable experience.  

4. Favorite product? 

Georgia's Louise The Balm is an amazing softening cleanser that melts away traces of makeup and impurities and doubles as a highly-effective healing balm. It has the most beautiful chamomile and ylang-ylang fragrance. 

5. Most rewarding customer experience

Seeing how happy someone is when they walk out of the atelier with beautiful glowing skin. It fills my heart with joy to have so many loyal clients. I love it when people email me afterward to say how thrilled they were with their facial. It's especially fulfilling to see people with problem skin achieve stunning improvements simply by having regular treatments.




1. What made you want to be in the beauty and wellness space?

I hope to help my clients achieve any skincare goals they may have, and to give people a healing experience. I have been studying skin care on my own since my early teens due to my struggle with hormonal acne. After moving from Upstate New York, I attended the Dermologica Academy in New York City where I learned how to really customize each facial to different skin types and conditions. I love that skin care is such a personalized thing, where no two individuals are alike.

2. What is your hero beauty product?

Definitely Environ’s colostrum gel. It is nourishing, calms inflammation and increases the skin’s resilience over time. And my favorite and most important treatment has to be LED light therapy, once again for its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

3. What is your sign and which traits do you embody?

I’m a Leo, and Leo’s are known for their warmth, generosity, loyalty, drive and passion for what they do. I am immensely passionate about my work, and I am driven by the personal connections I make with my clients.  My clients can depend on me to give them exactly what they need, and I love making them happy with my work! 

4. What is your approach to skin care? 

To be consistent with your regimen! It’s important not to skip a day, or to be passive with it because consistency and habit is key. I also believe that the facial process not only heals from the outside, but is a healing experience on a spiritual level as well. Human touch and nurturing hands are essential to me, I want everyone to feel renewed from the inside out! I think it is incredibly important to pay attention to details as well as work on a results-driven basis with each client.

5. What is your most frequently asked client question? What do you recommend? 

I am always asked what the most important product is in a regimen. And really all of the products within a regimen work synergistically, so it’s important to use them together, rather than just one. If you can only commit to 5 steps, I suggest a cleanser, toner, hyaluronic serum, moisturizer and SPF.

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1. What is your favorite device to use in the treatment room and why? 

I’m obsessed with our in-room LED, and the GloLite Pro mask for home. It’s so healing for the skin that it will address any number of skin concerns, from acne to sensitivity to fine lines. I’ve seen tremendous results in my own skin, from getting rid of acne spots faster to helping to boost the healing of my eczema. It’s so gentle that anyone with any concern will see a benefit, as well as being incredibly relaxing to lie under. There’s a reason we include it in every facial!

2. What is your approach to customizing and recommending a routine to a client? 

I try to center my client’s concerns and lifestyle by finding out how much time you have to dedicate to skincare. The best products are the ones you’ll actually use and the ones that will get you your desired results. So, I want to know your preferences and what you’ll use. We build your routine together. 

3. How do you stay current and educated on skin care trends, new devices and treatments? 

I read everything about the beauty business, from industry magazines to blogs to research journals. I also attend trainings for our brands whenever I’m able, as well as trade shows, to stay fresh on the latest research and products. 

 4. What makes you geek out about skin care?

I love busting skin care myths and misinformation, so I’m hooked on results supported by data. My happiest day was when I figured out that I could access studies and research from medical journals with my library card. It’s not unusual for me to spend an afternoon off searching a data base for medical research to help me figure out how to treat a particular skin concern or to support my own observations. The good news is that I’ll only torture you with this data if you ask me a direct question. 

5. What is your hero product?

I’m a big fan of Environ, and my dry reactive skin drinks the Colostrum gel serum. It’s relipidizing, nourishing, soothing, and still lightweight enough to layer under any other moisturizer. 

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I woooooorship Georgia – her lotions and potions, state-of-the-art technology, and brilliant maneuvers make for glowy skin every facial. She is Father Time and shaves years and massages sleepless nights away.