GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer FREE SHIPPING

GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer FREE SHIPPING




*14 day delivery in the US as of June 10th due to sold out stock. we will email you with expected delivery time.

NEW. First to market, at-home wearable beautytec device that will turbo-charge your skin using galvanic current when used with the specially formulated conductive sheet masks. After 1 use you will see how you skin will Glo.

  • Clincally tested to hydrate and nourish your skin

  • Boosts circulation and gives you a glo

  • Pulses anti-aging, blemish control or calming essences from the sheet masks, deeper and faster in the skin, taking a regular sheet mask into a turbo charged treatment.

  • Gentle and painless device

  • Wearable and comfortable

Turn on the GloPulse to charge up your GLOpulse sheet mask* (*sold separately on site) via pulsing, safe and pain-free current +- to deliver the skincare ingredients deeply and quickly into the skin and to stimulate circulation for a lustrous Georgia Louise glow on the go.

This device requires the use of a GLOpulse Sheets mask, sold separately. Only the Glopulse Sheet mask can be used with GLopulse. The sheet masks have been specially formulated to conduct with this device.

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My tutorial. This is such an easy, effective beautytec device, simply switch on the Glopulse and charge up my special formulated sheet masks.