GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer

GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer



2018 Health Magazine Award Winning Beauty Device!

The first at home NEEDLE FREE facial device developed by celebrity skincare expert, Georgia Louise; Vogue magazine’s favorite Facialist along with her friends, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawerence and Emma Stone to name a few.

This Clinically tested wearable, pain-free and needle free beauty-tec device:

Stimulates your blood circulation, refines pores, and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the need of injections.

Receive your very own Georgia Louise Bespoke Facial at home.

Q: SO how does it work?

A: It works in conjunction with special conductive cotton sheet masks filled with plumping and hydrating active ingredients! These sheet masks become turbo-charged with galvanic currents when wearing the GLOPulse Device.

After just 10 minutes, you will see how your skin will GLow. You will notice then longer lasting results than other regular sheet masks that don’t use electric current. Furthermore the GLOPulse device pulses safe, hydrating and plumping actives into the skin to give the appearance of smoother, softer looking skin.

Q: How do I use the Georgia Louise GLOPulse +-?

A: To use, simply apply 1 chosen GLOPulse sheet mask, select from the following:

AQUA: for dehydrated skin / Dry/ Normal skins

GREEN: for oily/combination/ sensitive skins

HONEY: for dry skin/ anti-aging

Pop on the device like a headset but rest the probes on your cheeks and switch on the GLOPulse button (with battery inserted).

Q. What results should I expect?

A: By using galvanic current at home in the form of the GLOPulse, you are experiencing a professional at home facial and allowing all the wonderful ingredients from the natural sheet mask to penetrate 10 times deeper than other traditional sheet masks. Galvanic current also stimulates the blood circulation, refines pores to give you a GLow.

Q. What is galvanic current?

A: Galvanic current uses positive and negative ions to help heal, stimulate, and penetrate ingredients or medicines safely into the skin without the use of needles.

Q. What is the different between GLOPulse and Nuface and other micro current devices?

A: The devices are completely different. Micro-current works on muscles to lift and tighten and galvanic works on the skin, to soften, hydrate, refine pores and push ingredients into the dermis.

The Facts:

  • Clinically tested to hydrate and nourish your skin

  • Boosts circulation to give you a GLow

  • Pulses anti-aging, blemish control or calming essences from the sheet masks, deeper and faster in the skin, taking a regular sheet mask into a turbo charged treatment.

  • Gentle and painless device

  • Wearable and comfortable

  • Turn on the GLOPulse to turbo charge your special GLOPulse sheet mask* (*sold separately on site) via pulsing, safe and pain-free current +- to deliver the skincare ingredients deeply and quickly into the skin and to stimulate circulation for a lustrous Georgia Louise glow on the go.

This device requires the use of a GLOPulse Sheet Mask *sold separately. Only the GlOPulse Sheet mask can be used with GLOPulse. The sheet masks have been specially formulated to conduct with this device.

1 year warranty.


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My tutorial. This is such an easy, effective beautytec device, simply switch on the Glopulse and charge up my special formulated sheet masks.

Jennifer Aniston
Sarah Foster, Molly Sims